World Cup Update!


Having just wrapped up two events in Miami last month, I wasn’t sure at the time if they would be my last ones. I had such a mixed bag of emotions after losing the last Olympic Trials as “captain crash” in 2011. But this time I was doing much better, within a few points of being the top American, and finally ending up third! I know how little I prepared for the events and I was super nervous, but surprisingly at age 34 I didn’t feel extra fatigued or really run down. Just out of practice. I was surprised at my performance and had some very good mark roundings in a very stacked fleet! It was probably the best vacation I’ve taken in years. I really missed competing.

Racing in the Miami World Cup

I’ve been asked a few times, “So what’s my motivation?”, “Is this a comeback?”
Although it would be fun to elicit revenge on my prior losses-that it keeps me up all night. But that’s not the case anymore, I already had years of that. Or that I need to retire at the top of my game to make my ego feel better. That’s not the case either. I’m only doing it because I love the sport, I love the feeling of improving, and the results that come from smart preparation and hard work. I know I have a great chance of making the Olympic Team for Rio,and so that is exciting too! I wouldn’t call this a comeback. Believe it or not I worked full time when I was competing for Beijing, and so this is more of the same, except I have much more responsibility at work. But it seems to inspire my staff!

Olympic competition is a lifestyle. It’s a journey. I don’t want to bring up the trendy cliches. But if I was motivated by fear, by possession, by obsession. It only lasts so long until the flame burns out. That’s not the full circle experience with love in your heart. No other place in life, not work or any other, that challenges my skills like competition. It’s what has built my DNA. It helps me understand my emotions and how to better operate under pressure, and keep going when everyone else quits. It’s not designed to be sustainable, someone is always trying to outdo someone else. I’m not going to be building a big team this time, or spending tons of money to make this all work. I have won more competitions with no coach, with a bag on my back. I’m just doing it with my friends and family.

I have exactly one year to the Olympic Trials. Tick Tock. Those two events are the Miami World Cup and an event in Mallorca in March 2016. It’s going to be a busy year!!

So how do I plan on doing it:

I wake up early now and go training on the rower and weights- about 30 minutes worth each morning. Then I hit work and put in atleast 9 hours of full on bliss. Usually one cup of coffee, sometimes two. I have a great team, great results and I love my role in change management in the nutrition industry. After work I go straight to the yacht club and jump in my wetsuit and go training for usually 90 minutes. I feel my body and technique improving each day. I can start to feel the muscles I used to use everyday comeback. It’s amazing how much memory is built into our rhythm. I invite any athlete that wants to train with me in St. Pete to come on out!

I still have a few fast fins and masts from the last campaign. A board that with some more TLC will be good and I have purchased 3 new sails, a few masts, a new board, boom, and accessories. It’s been fun testing these new pieces of kit out!

Tentative upcoming events:
-Princess Sofia Regatta, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, April 2015
-European Championships, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, June 2015
-World Championships, Oman, October 2015
-Olympic Trials #1, Miami, January 2016
-Olympic Trials #2, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, April 2016
-Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2016 *Pending qualification

Much Love everyone!


“Last night I cut the light off in the bedroom, hit the switch and was in bed before the room got dark. Fast.”
~Mohamed Ali