It’s Time to Race!

I love windsurfing. I love sailing. I love to compete because there is no other place in life that can truly test my skills. I love being an Olympian, representing our great country has been a highlight of my life.

For the first time in three years, I will race at a few regatta’s this month. They are major qualifiers, but I don’t care about the results. I don’t care if I finish last or first. I’m doing it because I love the game- a game I missed as I’ve focused on my career. I’m doing it to stay fit at age 34. I like flexing in the mirror with cut abs. I like feeling the rush of the water underneath my feet as I bounce over the water at 30 knots. I’m doing it because I miss the camaraderie with all my competitors that travel the globe pursuing Olympic glory.

I’m doing it because I know there is a chance I could race in the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.. That sure would be a treat. Your only as good as your last event- and it’s been since Dec 2011. Time to make some new memories, just for me.

I’m a dreamer. Lifelong. There is something about having to prove yourself. Something crazy about challenging yourself when it’s so much easier to just be lazy. My hands burn as I type this, I’m sore everywhere after training with people half my age, and I’m smiling ear to ear. Winter training at it’s finest in Florida in the sunset after work.

There is something about inspiring yourself that inspires others. I still feel 80K people screaming as the Americans enter the stadium to shouts of U-S-A. But no matter how great the memories, the best is yet to come.

Let’s get back in the games. I can’t wait.

Upcoming Regatta:
MLK regatta: Jan 17-19
World Cup Miami: Jan 25-31