Rio 2016- I’m fixing for a fight

Still sweating from a long workout (55 Minutes), I’m excited to announce the next few years I will proudly prepare & train to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.  I will also do this while working a full time job and post about all the excitement here on my blog–probably with selfies–like below. That way all my coworkers, competitors and friends can be entertained. It’s time to put on my game face and have some fun with my revenge for Rio -2016 campaign!

It will also be a latin theme, so I need to learn how to dance Samba. Socially, I don’t think I’m cool enough to make a likable page on Facebook out of fear I won’t have enough likes, so I will just add you as my friend. Also the hash tagging phenomenon won’t work for me either, I like to train by feel and all these hashes get way to complicated. Instead I’ll post what my workouts have been, how many brownies I ate to recover, etc. Core metrics.

Climbing the Peak- selfie

But seriously, when I left racing a few years ago, It was time to focus exclusively on my career because I was too upset to touch my windsurfer after a terrifying 2011-2012 season.  After finishing #2 at the US Olympic trials in 2012 to the-awesome-high-speed-competitor Bob Willis, I instead immediately stepped up my efforts for athlete rights- both in the USA and Internationally, largely because I was tired of athletes getting screwed up and left behind by a lot of older “guard” in Olympic leadership positions that were very convinced the way they’ve done it 50 years ago was the way it still should be done. Fortunately I had thousands of upset athletes that were an honor to represent and with their help made some great reform, including getting my sport windsurfing, returned to the Olympic program after being rudely removed. The IOC and the US Senate also liked some of my work which was very nice of them!

But my main focus since London 2012 has been on my career track and most recently I was in an executive management role for adidas badminton, leading a major restructuring, and living in Hong Kong. I really love Hong Kong, everybody should live here once, it’s such a fast paced culture with braniacs everywhere!

But professional success, as fortunate as I’ve been recently- I have woken up with some unfinished business. There is a mountain peak some 1500 feet high -called Victoria’s Peak-that while living in Hong Kong I looked at everyday from my window watching tourists take a tram to the top. Naturally resisting mass transportation in China -because everybody sweats & smells on you- I found myself running up the Peak 3-4 times a week to get the nice view myself. At first my lungs burned like never before (it wasn’t the smog), and then later I joined the gym and started rowing, noticing my fitness was not far off my old pace…uhhh ohhh. Comeback?
So it’s now I move back to Florida, where I’ll be working for the largest cognitive health nutrition company in the United States, called Brain Research Labs. While there I will also train on the water everyday*

I’ll keep my program pretty simple and focussed this time around. I won’t quit my job and that will save a lot of money which can buy lot’s of fast equipment. The Miami World Cup in January 2015 is my main focus to get back on the US national team. Then the following year in 2016 is to win the US Olympic Trials and prepare for the Olympic Games In Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia.

* Happy Hour Permitting.