Windsurfing is BACK in the Olympics!!!!!!!!!


Be the Change you want to see.

Don’t let others tell you it’s ever impossible. Sometimes you might just change history. I know I did.

I will never forget this year for the rest of my life. Thank you all for your support and courage. We did it together.

So I spent the 6 months between May and November, reading regulations, articles of the constitution, consulting lawyers, and the world population to find a way to get a fair vote for windsurfing. I felt like I had a course on corporate law.  On what structures were right for making good decisions, and how I was not going to let ISAF say everything was fine with the May decision to remove windsurfing from the Olympic program of events.

The breakthrough was in an ISAF constitution change in 2011 that allowed regulation review by the shareholders on an annual basis. Thus setting up a vote of no confidence of the Board of Directors in the November shareholder meeting.

This news eventually came out in press a few weeks before the November meeting and received quite a varying response from the community, many said it still wasn’t possible. High paid lawyers said it wasn’t going to happen.

It happened, the shareholders voted on November 11th and overturned the Board of Directors decision to remove windsurfing. Windsurfing was back on the Olympic program.  I burst into tears as the decision was announced. I may never make another Olympic Team, but I know there will be 70 that make it in 2016, including Olympic medals of all color. A decision that affected 10,000+ lives and dreams and 100’s of millions of investment from around the world. I wasn’t alone in the fight, but I was so proud I could play such a leading role in the reselection. I could finally sleep.