Windsurfing is NO Longer in the Olympics…

ISAF LogoNow this may sound kind of grand, but I believe if you truly believe in something strong enough, you can change the world.  But this time my world was changed. Windsurfing is no longer part of the Olympics.

In May this year, at the board meeting I was a member at in Stresa, Italy, I lost my sport.   I sat there and watched countries (like my own) and their Board representatives, vote and speak about what was in their best interest to win medals- not what was best for the sport as a whole. I was appalled. I was disgusted. I secretly took a list of those members that I know were not practicing their fiduciary duty, including many of the leaders of ISAF.  It is time to take a stand- who else would? I am an elected official and I have a duty to act.

I blogged it all live to the rest of the world. As the athletes commission chair our policy has been to typically not got involved with equipment selection for the Olympics. My thoughts during the vote can be found online. Join the conversation here: We are now more than 4000 strong in that group.

My key posts:

“It might have been the toughest position to be at the council table and not be able to speak on a sport that has given me so much enjoyment. I don’t feel ISAF has ever really understood windsurfing and if windsurfing wins I’d suggest lobbying.”

“Vote coming in few minutes. I think windsurfers around the world should be concerned on this outcome of the vote”

“Facebook tells me to write something here…but I am lost for words. There is no celebration for the thousands of dreams and jobs just eliminated from this decision. It is to this my heart is heavy to witness this first hand without being able to speak because of conflict of interest.”