Olympic Trials Send Off and New Goals

What we do each day should not only be inspiring, but also create lasting change that influences the lives of others. It should be unattached to any quick outcome no matter how great. At the end of all cheers, fans and TV time is what you have given back to the rest of your teammates.  It’s the pursuit of this dream that wins the hearts and minds of others to do the same and this is what I hope to be for the  performance of my life at the 2012 Olympic Games.
I’ve put it all on the table for my London 2012 bid. My Olympic trials are less than 3 months away, I’ve poured every ounce of me into this chapter of my life, giving up almost every semblance of a normal life. If it wasn’t for my family and friend there is no way I would have made it even this far and I eternally apologize to those of them that have been neglected because of this huge commitment. But we will be ready for London. My hibernation period in Florida is coming to an end next week, and the next few months I will be in Europe giving the fight of my life against teams that have much more funding and a vastly superior system of support.
But you know what wins medals?  It’s not the coaching, it’s not the weather forecast, or any physio or facebook update. It’s called sweat equity, and I’ve invested in this to my maximum, and I know I’ve invested as much if not greater than any of my competitors. Initially it was difficult moving out of my high view apartment, ending my major consulting projects, making myself basically permanently single, and doing the same thing over and over again without a real end view in sight.  Well I am now getting very close to seeing that end view with something magical this June for the Olympic Trials and for the next Olympic Games.  I’m now the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been, almost done with my equipment purchases for the year and hungrier and more experienced then ever to win.
This Olympic Games I plan on fighting for our great country once more, for all the reasons I’ve always competed but now intend to give back. After Beijing, I left the Olympics with a fifty thousand dollar surplus, which I spent back on the Olympic dream once more for London.  Those funds  are now depleted, but the duty towards the next generation is here and now.  This time I am dedicating my performance to the next generation just getting started, so they too can enjoy a  fulfilling sporting journey.
Any money I raise over my campaign necessity will be directed towards the development sailing program that I am working very hard now in building. I’ve been elected to top positions in both the US Olympic Committee family and that of the World Sailing Federation, and with that experience I have seen what good funding with proper leadership can achieve for teams long term.  I hope that after London 2012 I will have raised far greater than fifty thousand dollars. I won’t be wasting any money on expensive coaching, or the likes of spending on nuclear developed equipment pieces (they will likely break too). No I will be spending what’s financially raised on the ultimate fight of my life, on hard work and sacrifices. Join me in this project for Gold and for our future generations.  I hope to see you there tonight to help realize our dream together. I couldn’t do Beijing alone, and I need your help now for London 2012.
All are welcome
Cocktail Buffet
My speech on my Beijing Experience and  London 2012 bid
Kim Bailey’s Restaurant
238 East Davis Blvd. Tampa, FL
6 PM to 9PM, Tuesday April 5th 2011
Hosts: Kim Bailey, Joe Williams, Inge Michaels

Please make checks payable to SFNY c/o Ben Barger. Sailing Foundation of New York is a non-profit that is exempt from taxation under sections 501 (c) and 501 (j) of the IRS code. All contributions are tax deductible, with donations larger than $250 the donor will receive a letter for their personal tax records. 100% of the funds donated go towards campaign expenses for Ben Barger with the remaining left going towards a development sailing team for windsurfing.
Mailing Address:

The Sailing Foundation of New York, PO Box 267, Cos Cob, CT 06807

Make checks payable to SFNY c/o Ben Barger

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