Olympic Campaign 2012 Update for England, New Partnerships

Ever since I left Beijing nearly two years ago, I’ve wanted to give the Olympic Games one more shot and to significantly improve my results and be medal ready for England.  So here we are less than 1 year till the US trials start and 2 years before the London Olympics and I can’t wait, I am so excited.   Like a kid in his parents car, “are we there yet?”  Boy has this past year been a doosie, I’ll keep all the crazy details to many more updates, but I’ll start off with the highlights that are rocking hot.

First off, today I am excited to announce partnership with a local Audio and Video Company, At Home Technologies, Inc.  Matt Lyndon the founder literally bumped into me at a home of a great friends, Inge Michaels, and we have formed a great partnership.  I am now off on the Olympic Campaign with new vigor as well as installing the latest Audio Video Components.  I am so excited about the cool technology that At home technology can do for homes and business, I’ve learned a ton from him, and can’t wait to show you some of the neat things you can do with your audio, video, security and sound. Be sure to check out the website at: www.technologyforhome.com

Another previous partner, Raymond Belnet Avocats, a French law firm situated in Marseille, has stepped up their support once again. I’ve known Renaud Belnet for almost ten years now and he is providing a training base for me in Europe as well as much needed logistical and financial support. His law firm serves some of the biggest names in the world in fiscal tax policy.  Thank you Renaud for supporting our Olympic Campaign for Gold!

Secondly, I am training hard again. For nearly 6 months I was sick, with god knows what; colds, flu’s, fevers, coughs, my body said stop, and for the first time in my life, I had to listen.   I had previously planned this year as a more of a rest year, before the next 2 years really heat up, but the sickness was not exactly what I had in mind!  Nothing is worse than racing (actually surprisingly well considering I had a fever) and trying to figure out which way to go on the race course with a splitting headache.  But no need to pout, I had put so much training and racing in the last 3 years before that looking back it’s not too surprising. I am thrilled that my training sessions are back on track for the very end of the season and will be totally prepared next year and the Olympic year. Mike Shannon with the US Olympic Committee has been designing my workouts, and they are color coded for each day by heart rate and recovery. I’ve got a plan and now just need to keep executing.

I’m back in England for the last World Cup event, where I had my personal best at last year. And although this year hasn’t been stellar for training I am keen to pick up more details on the venue and do all I can to better my performance there.  If anything it’ll make me dig deeper in myself and excel.  I’m also taking a bit of a gamble on my past coach, Mike Gebhardt who turned into a foe at my last Olympic trials.  But we are on the same page now, and look forward to seeing how it will work with some of his coaching in England next week.  America unites!  When I was a precocious 22 year old, I told him once that I’m not his water boy..and the joke has never ended.  Look forward to doing whatever it takes to win a medal, I can’t wait and welcome him back.

Another lesson I learned so far this season, is don’t pay people to help you raise money.  In the end most people work for money, not for the means, and I ended up losing quite a bit of my time trying to get a team on the same page.   So just make sure when you give to a charity that the dollars raised go directly to the foundation, nothing in between. I was hoping to raise enough money this year so that I don’t have to be overly concerned with it next year, but that backfired on the fundraising side (obviously) so I’ll start up this fall myself this time! OK but enough of that, just good lessons learned. We’ll get this done, I hope you will join me, I can’t do it without you.

A couple of weeks ago I flew out to San Francisco to do my first ever racing clinic for juniors. It was such a blast, I loved racing and helping the youngsters get stoked on windsurfing and hopefully get going faster. My goal is to raise support and information for the younger generation, and that will ultimately make it easier for the US to go out there and win a medal.

I think that’s the maximum amount of notes I could provide you at once!  Many more to come and I am now enthralled to be competing with my 100% intensity from now till the Olympic Games. Let’s go win a Gold medal!! I won’t any moments slip in the pursuit.

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