World Cup Update Princess Sofia Regatta

April 16th,2009

Well here I am in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I just finished the first world cup event of the season in Europe, and couldn’t be more happy to be competing again this year. The event was a mixed bag, some

personal best days and some bad others. But most importantly it’s my first event back in Europe after a long break this win

ter. Well, it was a kind of break, I have been all over the place.First stop this year was Miami, and a World Cup Event. It was important that there, I qualified for the National Team again and in turn receive funding, support and feedback. I ended having a personal best at that event and winning the National side again for the sixth time, but it’s not ever easy and a relief things have been going so well. After the world cup event I made it to the Olympic Tranining Center inChula Vista California, where I and other members of the team got tested, poked and simply just made hurt. I was in my base and recovery part of the season, I needed a break from training and from feburary to end of March and I did just that, rested. So the scores were good but no were near where I know they can be by the peak of the season.The team plans of visiting the trainng center again in October so I’ll get to see how the numbers add up! On the way back from California I stopped in to see my sister…I am Officially Uncle Ben. The question is what kind of doctor the “little dude” as I call him will be as both parents are just that, doctors.

Check out the Palma pictures:

The Olympics is an experience like no other. The time after is very special, one that I will never forget, lot’s of attention lot’s of questions and things that are good and bad for you. But what I enjoyed the most was just the fact of being able to complete part one of the dream by going to the games. But there is more to racing than just training, it’s the people your with when you do it. The reason I’ve done this year, is because of your generous support last year. Having prepared for tough times ahead, we are still able to do the string events

this year. So thank you again for cheering me on for so long, without you I couldn’t have done it and this yea

r is very special for me. It’s a new quadrennial, and I am doing a much more scientific approach to this 4 year campaign. First thing was to hire the right coach, after doing some shopping I ended up deciding on Christoph Sieber, an Austrian who won gold in Sydney, who not only provides a splendid example of how to win, but mentally he is helping me isolate the right mindset for top performance. Additionally I have a heart rate monitor and GPS stuck to me all the time while training and racing so I have more accurate feedback of exactly what I am doing where I am going, and how fast I am getting there. Yesterday, the last race of the regatta was the signs of things to come more often. Hit the start just right, led to the right side. Each transition was perfectly in sync with each shift. I rounded in 4th, and realized finally, I’m back. But it’s why I race, when your on the right shift, there is no better shift. Now I wouldn’t go too far to tell you to be on the right shift in life…but I am sure you can relate. We create our own luck. We create our own energy and success and we have to be there to make it happen. I’d rather go out, knowing I gave It

everything I had, than to spend the rest of my life wondering. That’s the way I was made as a person and why I can’t wait for the next regatta to show exactly that. I am sure you experience the same pride, feeling of the work you do.To strive for being better at each day, and hopefully you don’t do it for the money, you do it, because that’s what makes you tick as a person, that lets you wake up in the morning hungry and excited for the day. Well my friends, I couldn’t be more excited about this day, and the rest of the year, and in turn I hope to become the very best sailor and competitor the US has ever had competed for them in the Sailboard class.

So as we start this season, I remind everybody to, “bring it on”

Favorite quotes of the regatta:

“Where talking scorched earth here.”

Tom cruise in tropic Thunder

Thank you again, all of you, for giving me the ability to reach my dreams. One more time to London, this time for a medal.


Ben Barger

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