It’s still Sinking in…

I love competition and I love training for it, and I still love the game even though not winning breaks my heart.  I hope I’ll get another chance to redeem myself, 2012 is a long ways away, but I can tell you deep inside me, I can’t go out like this, not now, I know I can crack this game.  I know I’ll be training as soon as I get home. I’ll have to sort out priorities, I am getting older, but there is something that always gets stronger my love for the game and my conviction to doing it with all your heart and fear.  I’ll be back, with stronger results and more experience than before, and hopefully I can convince you to give me one last shot at this.  There is no greater feeling, than to be representing our fine country on the world stage, reading every single one of your notes to remind myself to stay strong when things get tough, to take loss with my head up, to learn from this and continue to share what heck of a ride this is.


 . .

I’ve uploaded many of the videos and pictures from the games, I hope you like them..I finally got my 2nd amendment rights reinstated!


I love you all for such strength you’ve brought, me, and I hope with sharing you the full story you understand how great the feeling is to be an Olympian, and also how hard it is.  I love my life.  It’ll take some time for me to swallow this experience, but I promise I will follow up with each and everyone of you who has sent your cheers. I congratulate Tom and Yin for winning the Gold in the windsurfing men and women. .


Ben Barger