China Olympic Training Camp

So In case your wondering..I am in China for the last training camp before the Olympic games start. It’s a 3 week training camp, solidifies the hardest sessions and the biggest gains so that next month will be rock solid. Also on there are some video updates and latest news stories! Check them out.  Here are some of the actions I’ve recorded for your entertainment.greenstuff.jpg June 23rd: What’s this green stuff?  Looks like a golf course out there…it’s an algae bloom.  See attached picture for  some comic relief. There are over 1000 Chinese guys mobilized picking the stuff up with rakes and fishing nets. I am not joking.Who’s training here (also good to know who is good):Nikos K. (GRE) 4X Olympian gold silver Olympic medalistShahar (ISR) Podium 2008 Worlds 2ndBimba (BRA) 3X Olympian World Champ 07Nick (GBR) Athens Bronze medalistTurko (TUR) 3X Olympian top tenJoao (POR) 4X Olympian World ChampDavid (MEX) 3X Olympian top tenMax (UKR) 4X Olympian top 5Makoto (JPN) top tenAnd of course me and a few other tourists. This group is awesome, almost always working together, and nobody is too fast or slow to not join in.So how’s things stacking up for me, broken down to type of conditions:1-4 knots, racing ok, turns into a pumping and technique race..finish in the middle of the group, nothing special, good news…wind minimum is 6 knots, unlikely to race in.5-8 knots, racing well, on good races 2-3 position if working hard, bad races well those are bad.9-15 knots, racing well, almost as good as 5-8 range, it’s mixed up, but have been 2nd some, 4th some, but close or in the right spotsStrengths: Acceleration is awesome, I am gaining great explosiveness and seem to be recovering quickly  as well, I make good progress when pumping hard.Endurance is good, pretty sure I’ll have fine lungs for the GamesTactics,at  first a bit rough for China (strong current), but am back in groove and seem to be hitting the good side and direction more than not.Transitions, good when not tired, need to work on them while fatigued.Weight, holding steady at 155, no need to lose more weight, plenty light enoughEquipment: My board I’m using here is known to not perform well in under ten knots of doing well with this board should mean good things while in the Olympics with their supplied board. Sail: learning how to make it open up more..using a bit more downhaul so it twists more with pumping.Conclusion: The Olympics is the biggest event of my life, it’s the biggest goal and one of the only 2 goals I have during a 4 year cycle, win the Olympic Trials and win the Olympics.  Obviously the later is the hardest, however I have shown great improvements and the biggest question mark is can I continue to improve fast enough to medal. I am getting closer and gaining intensity each day I am focused.  This is an exciting puzzle, each day I wake up with one thing on my mind, and each day I go through an exhaustive checklist of changes to ensure I have it better together the next day.  I know when I am focused to this extent I’ll be right in there. My preparation is to ensure that I have a solid consistent group of good days at the Olympics, while all the crazy China things you can’t control happen in the background.So there’s for nitty gritty update! Thanks a lot for all, go team USA!

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